The White-Throated Toucan

Toucans have a beautiful and unique appearance that has led to the species becoming one of the most popular birds worldwide and meant that they are frequently used in advertising due to their unique aesthetic qualities. One of the most well-known toucans in pop-culture is ‘Toucan Sam’, a cartoon character that has been used to advertise Kellogg’s cereal ‘Froot Loops’ since the 1960s. Other cartoon versions of the bird can be seen in children’s shows such as ‘Dora the explorer’ and ‘Toucan Tecs’, as well as in the video game ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’.

A white-throated toucan can be found in central and south america

Photo: Clémence Grn

Originating from Central and South America and situated in the depths of the lush Amazon Basin, the real-life Toucan has an elongated bill that allows them to reach the hidden cavities of the many ancient trees, nests and other hard-to-reach places in search of food. Their diets mainly consist of a variety of fruit but will also feast on insects, smaller birds and lizards if they can be found!

A white-throated toucan (Ramphastos tucanus) close up in a zoo

Photo: YK

Inkaterra’s September Bird of the Month, the white-throated toucan, boasts a rainbow of colour – just one of many reasons we are showcasing this beautiful bird, native to the Amazon. The species has a black head, nape, back and tail with a bright yellow rump; giving justice to the name, their face, throat and chest are covered in white feathers while the bare skin around their eyes possess a vivid light blue colour. It also has a thin red band across its chest, a black stomach and a red vent. Their bill also displays an array of colours, the large and heavy beaks have a yellow tip on the upper ridge and blue on the base. The wildly vibrant toucan can be easily spotted perched at canopy level of the forest, they also have a distinct song that one can hear from a long distance.

Photo: Backpackinghacks

If you are staying in Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción or at the Inkaterra Guides Field Station look for the white-throated toucan during your excursions and tag your images with @Inkaterrahotels on social media using the hashtags #BirdofMouth and #BirdYourWorld. If you would like to read more about Inkaterra’s ‘Bird of Mouth’ project please click here.