What To Pack for a Trip to Peru

So you’re ready for your trip to Peru, but you still haven’t packed. What should you take? Think about packing for a variety of climate conditions whilst not carrying too much.

Image by Inkaterra

Machu Picchu. Remember you’ll be about 9,500 feet above the sea level and close to the equator. You will need to deal with the heat and high altitude so sunscreen and a hat are must bring items. October to March is rainy season: pack a waterproof. This will also be essential if you’re hiking the Inca Trail, where you’ll go through the Cloud Forest and chances are you’ll get wet during the day. Biodegradable cleansing wipes are a great idea for cleaning off after hiking all day. Plasters and mosquito repellent will also help, as will lip salve.

Cusco. If you’re heading to Cusco and Sacred Valley for walking, opt for layered clothing, it might be sunny and warm but at night temperatures can plummet. Thermal underwear is highly recommended and also comfortable walking boots with good ankle support. For simply walking around the city, wear comfortable clothes.

Rainforest of Tambopata. Think like Indy, pack a flashlight and if  you plan on hiking on long trails take water-sterilizing tablets if you are collecting water from streams or rivers along the route. If you have one, a waterproof camera is a great idea. There’ll be no opportunity to charge your digital camera on the trail so bring some extra batteries, or a handy solar battery charger! Don’t forget a good pair of binoculars, this is prime birdwatching and monkey-spotting territory.


Passport: You must have at least 6 months left until the expiry date for your passport to be accepted in Peru.

Currency: The local currency is Nuevo Soles but dollars are widely accepted.

Voltage: The voltage in Peru is the same as in Europe (except the UK). It might be easier to buy a converter in the UK rather than in Peru.

At Inkaterra Hotels

If you stay at Inkaterra Hotels, depending on your location we can certainly provide you with fresh water, water bottles, flashlights, mosquito repellent, chargers, waterproofs, binoculars and thick, cosy alpaca blankets, roaring fireplaces and water bottles for when it gets cold…

So when are you visiting?