The Peru Bucket List: Why to visit Peru in 2019

The beginning of the year is a time for planning the next adventure. Many call it a “bucket list”, which may include a variety of cities to peruse, coastlines to walk and natural wonders to marvel at. Peru remains, for many reasons, at the top of our wanderlust list as a country that always offers new and exciting experiences, even to the natives. Whether you’re searching for your next adrenalin rush, wanting to learn about the rich history of our ancient civilisation and rituals or would like to enjoy the perfect coffee over a view of the evergreen Andes, we think Peru deserves a pin on your undiscovered map.

Indulge in Ethical Eating

Thanks to world-renowned chefs like Virgilio Martinez, Rafael Osterling, Gastón Acurio and others haling from Peru there are plenty of mouth-watering, ethically sourced dishes for travellers to enjoy. While you search for your favourite national delicacy you might notice that much of what you’re savouring comes from right here in Peru. During your stay at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, you can enjoy food grown right on the property in our organic plantation. Our Earth-to-Table concept allows guests to explore the gardens and pick their own produce, which can then be tasted in their next delicious meal.

Enjoy a delicious ethical meal when you visit Inkaterra

Watch 2019 Pan American Games

2019 is a historic year for Peru. It is the first time the Pan American Games will be held in Peru throughout July and August with the Parapan games taking place shortly after. Over 8000 athletes from 41 countries in the Americas will gather to compete in 56 sports with 80 disciplines. 51 of these competitors will be able to qualify for the Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo 2020.

If you visit Peru during 2019 you are likely to see many atheletes training or performing in the Pan American Games

Experience Inti Raymi

Visitors from across South America and around the world travel to Cusco in Peru for the annual Inti Raymi festival, the most important ceremony of the Inca Empire calendar that mainly takes place at nearby Inca Fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Each June solstice, native residents honour the Sun God marking the beginning of a new year: the Festival of the Sun.

The most important day of the festival is the 24th of June, when a theatrical representation of the Inca ceremony takes place: the Sapa Inca, the Incan emperor, dressed with silver and gold ornaments, calls on blessings from the ancient Incan Sun God, Inti. The modern-day re-enactment of Inti Raymi still retains all of its majestic glory drawing crowds of international visitors and locals alike.

During a June visit to Peru you will find revellers re-enacting Inti Raymi

Live like a local

During a visit to Peru you can live like a local and explore the many markets, including Pisac Market near Cusco, which are stocked with handmade crafts perfect for finding unique souvenirs or authentic street food to taste, also the Chinchero Market specialised in typical hand woven Andean textiles, that gathers people from nearby Andean communities and where barter is still commonly used. You can also discover the rich history of Peru by visiting the MAP Museum, right next door to Inkaterra La Casona in Plaza Nazarenas, which is Peru’s only museum dedicated to the arts of ancient Peruvian cultures. You can also visit the house of the Inca Garcilaso Museum – the birthplace of Inca author Garcilaso de la Vega – which was converted into the Regional Historical Museum in 1946. To find the best spots to explore ask our Inkaterra Explorer Guides and the onsite teams, who can each help you discover Peru.

Guests who visit Inkaterra can meet our wonderful team and learn about the surrounding area

Go Back in time at the Sacred Valley

Just 50km from Cusco hidden in the beautiful Sacred Valley, you can discover the fascinating Moray ruins, the deep bowl-shaped hollows of Moray that are often likened to Roman amphitheatres. To this day we are still unsure about what the ancient Incas used the locations for. Some say that the ruins were once an agricultural laboratory and research station.

Just a short distance away from the Moray Inca Circular terraces you can find the Pisaq Ruins – once a vital part of Inca roads which stretch through the Sacred Valley all the way to the borders of the eastern jungle. These ruins were an important connecting route for the Inca Empire and the city of Paucartambo.

Take in the beautiful Moray ruins on your Peruvian adventure

Explore the Amazon Rainforest

In Peru, we are very lucky to have the ever-changing Amazon Rainforest covering a large part of our country. During a visit to the Amazon Rainforest of Southern Peru, in the Madre de Dios-Tambopata region, you can find three Inkaterra properties: Inkaterra Reserva AmazĂłnica, Inkaterra Hacienda ConcepciĂłn and the youngest, Inkaterra Guides Field Station. Become an explorer discovering trails, learn new skills from native Peruvians and much more.

With our Explorer Guides, you can spend your day visiting the stunning Lake Valencia, try piranha fishing or observe wildlife closeup at Lake Sandoval and learn about the surrounding forest from their vast knowledge. Each guide takes into account the natural, historical, geological, economic, social and cultural aspects of the area with the aim of educating travellers on the value of the resources that surround Inkaterra, as well as the importance of its preservation.

A visit to Peru is likely to include a trip to the Amazon Rainforest.

Summit Machu Picchu

A Peruvian adventure would not be complete without a visit to one of the world’s New Seven Wonders. The ancient citadel was, according to archaeologists, built as a getaway and summer residence for the royal family. Today, this beautiful sight is visited on a daily basis, though some say that the Incas never wanted this wonder to be found and went to huge lengths for it to remain hidden from the Spanish. Less than 100 years after its establishment, the Incas plotted to abandon the site, going as far as burning the nature surrounding the many trails they had created, to keep their treasure hidden.

A visit to Peru is not complete without going to Machu Picchu

With a variety of festivals taking places throughout the year, you will be able to find an action-packed adventure to tick off your bucket list. Visit www.inkaterra.com to find out how to start 2019 off with a bang.