Twitchers Flock to Twitter

At Inkaterra we pride ourselves on the protection of the native exotic birds that call Peru home. With a total of 814 species of bird living around our properties, birdwatching is hugely a popular offering amongst Inkaterra guests of all ages. As social media becomes increasingly synonymous with our favourite hobbies, twitchers flock to Twitter to further their knowledge.

For eleven years Twitter has been the social media platform for users to discuss and share their interests. Users are updated, in real time, on current affairs through 280-character tweets, images and videos.


A little birdie, Audubon to be precise, told us that Twitter is becoming a key platform for birding news and updates. Tweeters can follow like-minded bird enthusiasts to keep updated on sightings and news of their local area or further afield. For more comprehensive information, birdwatchers can search for specifics; type of bird, location, habitat, date of sighting.

Peru is home to nearly 20% of the world’s bird population and 45% of all neotropical birds, which is why it is so widely celebrated for its wide range of biodiversity. The country has already been selected various times for World Bird Watching Challenges and other birding events. It is a birdwatchers paradise and at Inkaterra we have spotted many species to chirp about. From the endemic Inca Wren and Andean Cock of the Rock to the 18 species of hummingbird that live in the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel gardens, the birdlife at Inkaterra captivates even the most experienced ornithologists. We offer a variety of excursions for the twitchers amongst our guests whether on foot at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel or by boat at Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion.


 We keep our website and of course our social media channels up to date with all of our sightings, we also have a birding calendar so that our guests know the best places and time of year to find a particular type of species. For bite-sized information on all of the Inkaterra flora and fauna make sure you are following us on Twitter.