Spectacled Andean Bear the star of new Peruvian coin

As the only species of bear in Peru, the Spectacled Andean Bear enjoys somewhat of a celebrity status, and we are delighted to hear about the introduction of a brand new engraved coin set to be introduced in Peru, which is to feature none other than our treasured bear.


We here at Inkaterra are only too aware that the Andean Bear species are in a vulnerable conservation status, with the number of bears currently standing at a mere 18,000. Our ITA Rescue Centre at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is home to four Spectacled Andean Bears – Pepe and Coco, the male bears, and Yosi and Kina our females. It provides care to help with the immediate threat to their extinction as a result of increased poaching, and loss of habitat. Intended for research, conservation and education, ITA’s Rescue Centre’s key aims are to rescue, rehabilitate the bears and work on a reproduction and reinsertion program, if conditions allow it.

Machu Picchu Pueblo 2

Occasionally it’s the smaller things that accelerate a huge change. Take a coin for example – very small in size, yet, with the help of the Banco Central  de Reserva here in Peru, this item will help to educate millions, and raise awareness of vulnerable status of the Spectacled Andean Bears. A total of 10 million 1 sol (25p GPB/30 cents USD) coins, featuring an engraved Andean Bear, are set to be released into the market, and we are excited to see these in circulation.

The recent press conference to announce this exciting news was attended by our founder and CEO, Mr José Koechlin, the Peruvian Minister of Environment, Mrs. Elsa Galarza and many others. The President of the BCR, Mr. Julio Velarde, declared that the new coin will be part of a series of coins entitled ‘Peru’s Endangered Wildlife’ designed to raise awareness of endangered species across Peru.

Peru's new Andean Bear Coin

Of course, we are both thrilled and honoured to have the Andean Bear’s status proliferated via the Peruvian currency, and we sincerely hope this will help us in our mission to save these charming creatures. With your help, we can. Please visit here to find out just how.