The Independent on Sunday visits Hacienda Concepcion


Mark Rowe of the Independent on Sunday visited Hacienda Concepcion soon after it opened to explore the surrounding jungle and get a taste of the fantastic byInkaterra excursions available at the lodge. He also comments on the current challenges facing Peru and its unique and fragile ecosystems and how tourism and organisations like Inkaterra are tackling these challenges positively…

“So how does tourism square this circle of breathtaking beauty, magical encounters, grinding poverty and environmental apocalypse? Peru has no shortage of greenwash imposters – operators who promote their trips to the jungle as environmentally sustainable when they are anything but. But there are some shining lights, one of which is the Inkaterra Group, which has promoted environmentally sensitive tourism and funded scientific research for the past 35 years, and has gained the endorsement of the UN, the World Bank and the National Geographic Society.”

You can read the full article here and visit Mark Rowe’s website here