Saving South America’s Only Bear Species

Considered an emblematic animal of the tropical Andes, the Spectacled Bear is the only bear species in South America. These bears are affectionately referred to as the real life Paddington bear and resonate with the children’s storybook character. However, it’s time we protect our much loved furry friends whose numbers are declining rapidly and have been identified by IUCN as having a vulnerable conservation status.

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At Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World, we‘ve established a rescue centre for these bears. This pioneering conservation programme is an effort designed to recover bears that have been negatively affected by human impact, and whenever possible reintroduce them to their natural habitat in the Andean mountains. The Andean Spectacled Bear is a critically endangered species and these conservation efforts are crucial in helping this animal survive for future generations.


In support, National Geographic has launched a short film to promote the importance of Spectacled Bear conservation. Produced by GLP Films, the two and a half minute feature highlights Inkaterra’s work to protect the endangered bear species. With CEO and Founder José Koechlin narrating, accompanied by biologists and fellow staff at Inkaterra, the film captures the essence and nature of the five resident bears, Kina, Josi, Yogui, Pepe and Coco at our Spectacle Bear sanctuary.

To watch the video in full, please click here