Rutland Birdfair 2017

This weekend, twitchers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to the Rutland Water Nature Reserve in England for the 2017 annual Birdfair.

Bringing together people and companies from across the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry, the Birdfair offered educational lectures and hundreds of stands from exhibitors showcasing everything from binoculars and cameras to birding tours and eco holidays.

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IT- Hoatzin

With a total of 814 species of bird living within our Inkaterra properties, birdwatching is a popular offering amongst our bird-loving travellers. From the endemic Inca Wren and Andean Cock of the Rock to the 18 species of hummingbird that live in the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel gardens, the birdlife at Inkaterra captivates even the most experienced ornithologists.


This year’s fair was attended by our team of experts, including Dennis Osorio, an eco tourism and birding expert from Inkaterra’s NGO, the Inkaterra Asociación, Marlene Soto, Sales Manager and Inkaterra’s Founder and CEO, José Koechlin. As visitors explored the fair, the team was on hand to explain to them more about Inkaterra’s birding itineraries and the many species, both bird and other, which can be found in and around the properties.


With a captive audience of eco-conscious travellers, Mr Koechlin delivered a short lecture during the fair, outlining the most recent conservation initiatives that Inkaterra is pioneering at present. These include the introduction of 78, 756 hectares of conservation corridors in the Amazon to provide safe passage for the many species that have been isolated by “wounds” created by illegal logging and mining.


“The Birdfair helps to tell the world about the art and beauty of birdwatching,” comments Mr Koechlin. “It not only highlights wonderful species, but also the importance of caring for the environment in order to protect the species for future generations”.

The show also included its annual auction, which raised an impressive £350,000 for conservation projects in 2016. This year, Inkaterra donated a five-night birding itinerary for two people, with stays at some of its bird-rich hotels in the Andes & the Amazon rainforest, which was won by newlyweds Trevor Williams and wife. Congratulations to you both!