Testimonial: Peter Wilson, British adventurer 

In December 2018, Inkaterra was extremely excited to welcome renowned British helicopter pilot and adventurer Peter Wilson to a number of Inkaterra hotels during his ‘Three Journeys Round’ project in Latin America.

During the visit to Peru Peter, his family and the "Three Journeys Round" team explored the Amazon Rainforest

As part of Peter’s project he travelled with his whole family to Peru, and whilst here, enjoyed staying at four of our unique hotels across the country for the full Inkaterra experience. With their time in Peru divided into visits to the Amazon Rainforest, The Sacred Valley of the Incas, and to the towering and grassy hills of Machu Picchu, Peter told Inkaterra about his priceless visit to Peru with his family and assistant.

“Peru is of course beautiful… with the flat rain forest spreading for miles – which Robin and I have flown over – the mountains climbing so high, the high altitude rolling plains and the cloud forest of Machu Picchu”.

During the visit to Peru Peter, his family and the "Three Journeys Round" team discovered Machu Picchu for themselves

“To awaken to the dawn chorus of critters in the forest and understand the wonderfully rich ecosystems that live here is magical. To understand the rich Inca history, see the vibrant markets full of tradition,  the stunning Inca ruins and terraces that mark an enduring legacy even after colonialism,  is fascinating”.

Peru is undoubtedly known all over the world for the striking geography and the remarkable history of the Inca civilisation. Both of these elements are very important to Inkaterra, as we continue our work to educate travellers to Peru about the environment, whether in the Andes or in the Amazon, as well as our work in maintaining ancient and historical traditions in the local communities.

Many of the experiences available at Inkaterra Hotels provide guests with this insight, and Peter’s family’s trip was no different, with the whole group being able to enjoy excursions led by Inkaterra Explorer Guides.

Whilst visiting the Madre de Dios-Tambopata region or Peru, Peter and his assistant  stayed at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica and Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción. Their tour continued with a visit to the Sacred Valley and to Machu Picchu with his family.

During the visit to Peru Peter, his family and the "Three Journeys Round" team stayed at several Inkaterra properties

“Inkaterra is special on so many levels. The facilities are simply outstanding, comfortable and functional – we have had the pleasure of sampling Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba and Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel”.

“The unique service system is honed to the highest level of delivery, reliable at each venue from the first greeting by smiling representatives to the hugs, kisses and goodbye waves. It is an unparalleled welcome that engenders a feeling of warmth, which only comes through genuine sharing of both heart and knowledge”.

During the visit to Peru Peter, his family and the "Three Journeys Round" team met many of Inkaterra's team

For each and every guest at Inkaterra, our Explorer Guides aim to choose excursions which fit their personal interests. The guides, who are all experts in their fields, always go the extra mile to help guests explore each extraordinary aspect of Peruvian culture and nature.

“The enduring scientific research since 1978 [by Inkaterra] into the flora and fauna, supporting conservation initiatives, raising awareness of the environment… is all self-financed via the eco-tourism. The training and development of people from local communities into hospitality and guiding shines through brightly”.

“Thank you to our guides: Joshua with whom we explored Lake Sandoval, seeing the Large River Otters and loads of monkeys; to Mirko who scooped us up for the Canopy Walk; to Yieber who introduced us to the Sacred Valley and the mystical Inca history; and Joseph, who got us all the way to the top of Machu Picchu and taught us so much about these amazing ruins”.

During the visit to Peru Peter, his family and the "Three Journeys Round" team viewed the Madre de Dios River from above.

An adventurous trip with the whole family can be a daunting challenge, which is why Inkaterra endeavors to make big and little guests alike feel at home at all Inkaterra Hotels.

According to Peter, “what absolutely sets Inkaterra apart from all others is the attitude, spirit, dedication and professionalism of its staff. Robin, my family and I have loved every minute of the relationship with Inkaterra staff”.

But a trip to Peru, and Inkaterra, is not reserved only for adventurers like Peter. For those in search of authenticity and meaningful experiences during their travels, Inkaterra may be the answer. With daily workshops led by guides rich in knowledge, and visible eco-tourism efforts to conserve the Amazon Rainforest and natural animal populations, Inkaterra is a great choice for travellers with a conscience.
Read more about Inkaterra’s conservation work, visit Inkaterra.com and follow Peter and his families adventure on their website threejourneysround.com/.