Peru’s Coffee Route

Due to the high altitudes, winds that sweep across the land from the Pacific Ocean and alternating periods of warming sun and thirst-quenching rain, the Peruvian climate provides ideal growing conditions for the Arabica coffee bean. Now at number seven of the world’s largest coffee growing countries, Peru is also known globally for being predominantly environmentally friendly. Peru is one of the main producers of organic and fair trade coffee beans in the world, and this is something that we, at Inkaterra, are very proud of.

The Peruvian coffee route takes you along the ancient Inca Trail

Travellers and Peruvians alike can take the breath-taking coffee route from the bustling city of Cusco (or Ollantaytambo) all the way to the beautiful Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Gain a deeper understanding of your favourite hot beverage by visiting local communities, walk the well-preserved Inca Trail and enjoy a variety of activities revolving around coffee.

Finish your Coffee Route at the Stunning Machu Picchu

Find out exactly how your coffee is made, from learning about the best time to pick beans all the way to what temperature coffee is best served at. During an adventurous and intrepid trek on the historic Inca Trail, visit the incredible, centuries-old native farms, all using traditional Andean techniques to grow their unique coffee beans.

Coffee beans

Having conquered Machu Picchu and starting your descent, you can continue this exciting visit to the coffee plantations all over the Andean landscape via another trail. After this coffee route, there is nothing more satisfying than a fresh local coffee from our scenic restaurant Café Inkaterra, overlooking the serene Vilcanota River. The perfect spot to sip on a cup of rich, smooth Arabica and mull over all of the incredible things you have learned about Peruvian coffee, while you wait for your train back to Cusco.

Café Inkaterra

Our Inkaterra coffee beans are grown just moments away from the scenic café in Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel’s plentiful and exuberant tropical organic garden. Our luxurious lodge reflects the environmentally friendly ethos of Peruvian coffee bean farming and you will see extensions of this practice throughout elements of your stay.

Other organic and environmentally friendly initiatives at Inkaterra include a biodiesel production plant, which reduces the use of fossil fuels and helps prevent oil spills; the Earth to Table initiative (only at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba); a bear sanctuary for endangered Andean Spectacled bears; and an organic tea plantation that produces excellent tea available exclusively at Inkaterra, where guests are welcome to visit and produce their very own tea bag. Coffee beans are much more than a quick pick-me-up in Peru, they are an integral part of our countries’ culture and landscape, to be appreciated and preserved.