Pachamama Ritual in Peru – Pay The Earth at Inkaterra

Pachamama is the spiritual Earth Mother figure in Peruvian culture, a goddess revered amongst the indigenous peoples of the Andes.

Associated primarily with fertility and the harvest, the Pachamama is a positive deity whose presence is toasted during meetings and important celebrations across the country through the spilling of “chicha” (a fermented maize beverage) on the floor before drinking as well as in more elaborate rites associated with the present day Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras.

August sees the annual “Pay the Earth” ceremonoy performed across Peru which culminates in the “challaco” – a series of steps including the cooking of a ritual feast before offerings are paid to Pachamama by a lake or stream, including food, drink, coca leaves and cigars.

Visitors to Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel can experience the “Pay the Earth” ceremony themselves, where a local shaman will visit you and guide you through the steps allowing you to express your own admiration for Mother Earth through a moving and meaningful traditional rite.

Have you enjoyed a Pachamama ceremony in Peru? How was your experience?