National Spa Week

It’s National Spa Week! Here at Inkaterra we understand the importance of great spa treatments – whether it’s to soothe tired muscles after a climb to Machu Picchu or to aid relaxation in front of the Madre de Dios river – we offer them both! To celebrate National Spa Week, we are looking at one of spa’s most famous treatments – the sauna.


Originating from Finland over 2,000 years ago, the concept of saunas has spread all over the world. Almost every spa you visit nowadays will have a sauna as one of their relaxation offerings and, here at Inkaterra it is no different. But, just like all our other activities, we like to do things the “local way” so you won’t find any wooden heated rooms on our properties.


Instead, in the heart of the Andean Cloud Forest you will find a completely unique style of sauna – our Andean Sauna. Located in the gardens of our Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, the small dome-shaped hut is made from eucalyptus and bamboo and is heated using stones, which are placed in a fireplace in the centre of the sauna.


Great for those with sinus problems or those suffering with a cold, the hot eucalyptus clears congestion and helps the respiratory system and is brilliant for relaxing tired muscles. Great for groups of friends or families, the Andean Sauna is a fir favourite amongst the guests at Inkaterra. So spa lovers, what are you waiting for?