José Koechlin Named Influential World Leader

This month, we are delighted to announce that Inkaterra Founder and CEO, José Koechlin, has been named an “Influential World Leader” as part of the AACSB awards.

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José’s 40 years of pioneering work in conservation and sustainability has earned him this prestigious accolade, which is supported by the range of achievements and awards he, and the Inkaterra team, has received since opening in 1975.

Mr Koechlin’s passion, sheer determination and hard work are all examples of why Inkaterra has grown over the past 4 decades and each are contributing factors to why he has been named an Influential Leader. AACSB has acknowledged José’s efforts in encouraging government bodies, universities and researchers, to name but a few, to create economic models based on value enhancement of natural resources, as well as his contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, education and economic growth.

José is not alone in his accomplishment and is accompanied by fellow Peruvian Universidad del Pacifico alumni and La Viga President, Diego del la Torre, who joins him in the list of 100 Influential Leaders from AACSB.

Not only has José been acknowledged and honoured, but AACSB has graciously described him as “an entrepreneur, an innovator with a conviction that tourism-approached sustainability can contribute to social, economic, and environmental development”.

We are extremely grateful to AACSB for the honour and recognition and also for describing Inkaterra as “one of the world’s largest global relief services and a technology pioneer”.