A Family Affair with Inkaterra

The Times has cited the increasing desire for multi-generational getaways that allow families to spend quality time together as a key trend for 2013 and Inkaterra has created a new seven night package to allow adventurous families to do just that.

Intrepid families are escorted by boat up the Madre de Dios River to Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica’s eco-lodge where they will spend four nights in the heart of the jungle. Budding explorers will be able to unleash their inner Indiana Jones, waking to the sound of exotic birds, feasting on tropical fruits for breakfast and embarking on all sorts of excursions.


Animal lovers can check out the howler monkeys, ancondas and side necked turtles on a trip to Lake Sandoval, scale Inkaterra’s own Canopy Walkway, or brave the Rainforest by Night trip and experience the sights and sounds of the nocturnal rainforest. The skilled guides of Inkaterra are always on hand to answer questions and keep kids big and small entertained with colourful stories of jungle life.

The next stop will take families to the award-winning Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel for three nights. Families will travel from the rainforest to Cusco and then to Ollantaytambo train station where an exciting journey from the Sacred Valley up to Machu Picchu will start.


At Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel access the Machu Picchu ruins at sunset, learn about Cloud forest’s indigenous plants and animals, see the world’s largest collection of native orchid species in their natural habitat (372) and visit Inkaterra’s own Spectacled Bear conservation centre to see the rare and charming animal that inspired the story of Paddington Bear.


Rates start from £3,100 per adult and £2,400 per child and are based on a family of two adults and two children under the age of 12.