Global Big Day 2018

Here at Inkaterra our feathered friends are a key part of everyone’s experience, be that for our guests or our Explorer Guides, birds are paramount. With a total of 814 bird species spreading their wings at our properties, Inkaterra is a bird watcher’s Paradise. That’s why each year we get excited for Global Big Day, when the world comes together to break the record for the most bird sightings in one day.

Social Flycatcher – Myiozetetes Similis

Global Big Day is a chance to demonstrate world connectedness as likeminded birdwatchers join together, no matter their home country, for twenty-four hours. This year 28,000 people, across 178 countries, picked up their binoculars and ventured into their back gardens, parks, and in Inkaterra’s case, the Amazon. A staggering 6,899 species were spotted in the treetops, beating last year’s record of 6,659 – now we think that’s something to chirp about.

Overall, 1.6 million sightings were submitted to eBird. Not only does this prove the importance and love for birding around the world, but this information can now be used by researchers and conservationists, ultimately aiding the welfare of birds. With so many submissions it’s easy to assume one’s sightings get lost, but each participant is truly important to the cause. In fact, this year over 10% of species were reported by just one person, demonstrating how the individual makes a great difference. eBird have shared that their most exciting species spotted this year was the Ibadan Malimbe (Malimbus ibadanensis), a new species for the site, reported by Adewale Awoyemi from Nigeria.  

This year 40% of Global Big Day’s species came from South America and in Peru over 600 birders participated. Of course, that included us here at Inkaterra with activities taking place in our properties from the Andes to the Amazon, including Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción. Our group of birders at Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción gathered for breakfast to fuel the day’s adventure and then set off, hiking into the forest. The group were lucky that bamboo sticks were covering the Tambopata trail making the first leg of the hike easier. Bird sightings proved difficult initially due to the fog but our team persisted, listening intently and making note of the sounds and bird songs of the jungle. As the day continued the weather improved and with the sun dappling through the treetops a wealth of birds could be seen. Sightings included Sunbittern, Capped Heron and Social Flyeater, amongst many others.

Sunbittern – Eurypyga Helias

Thank you to all of our participants – Alan Huisa – Regional Explorer-Guide Leader, Braulio Puma – Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción Resident Manager, Plino Arapa, Javier Huayaban, Adan Salazar and Paul Paricahua. It was truly enthralling to be part of Global Big Day and we already look forward to the next.