Getting to know us: Marlene Soto, Sales Manager at Inkaterra

We are extremely proud that Inkaterra continues to be recognised as a pioneer in ecotourism and sustainable development in Peru, 40 years since being founded in 1975 by CEO, José Koechlin. A multitude of factors has contributed to Inkaterra’s success and a team of dedicated and passionate staff is one of the most important.

We recently caught up with Marlene Soto, Sales Manager at Inkaterra.

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1) How long have you worked at Inkaterra?

 I’ve been here for 21 years now!

2) What is your previous background?

Before Inkaterra, I worked at a French company in Peru for eight years. At the time there were a lot of charter flights coming in from Europe and I started out doing the ticketing before I progressed to dealing with clients and, eventually, leading tours for French groups.

3) How did you first come to hear about Inkaterra?

During my time in the French company, we were actually a client of Inkaterra and I was keen to see the properties so I knew what I was talking about to visitors. I went with a friend to stay at Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica. I have always loved nature and I respected the way Inkaterra protected their surroundings and wildlife – I remember wishing that I could work for a company like that.

4) What do you love most about your job?

Everything! When you’re passionate about what you are doing, you love everything – the good times and the not so good times! I love dealing with people, telling them about what Inkaterra has been able to achieve in a natural way – it makes me very proud. In the beginning, Inkaterra was just a tiny little seed and, over time, with lots of passion, hard work and love from the team, it has grown and spread its branches and we now have six beautiful properties.

5) What is your favourite Inkaterra moment?

My third day at Inkaterra – I was left in the office alone and, at that time, we used satellite radios to communicate with the hotels. Each hotel has a code for the radio, such as “Toucan one”, “Toucan two” etc. I could hear the radio going non-stop with lots of talk about Toucans and I had no idea what it meant! When the team came back into the office I told them they had spotted lots of toucans at the hotels! They joked about it for weeks.

6) Describe a standard day for you

My standard day always starts the night before! I check all the emails – I have 16 people in my team so I use the evening to distribute the jobs and priorities for the following day.

I wake up at 7am and leave the house by 8am. The day activities vary but they can be everything from making sales calls, meetings or visiting the hotels.

I love going out for dinner – there are lots of nice restaurants in Lima. I also like going to the cinema to relax.

8) If you could describe Inkaterra in three words what would it be

Sensibility, Respect, Friendliness