Getting to know us: Javier Huayabán, Guide at Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

We are extremely proud that Inkaterra continues to be recognised as a pioneer in ecotourism and sustainable development in Peru, more than 40 years since being founded in 1975 by our CEO, José Koechlin. A multitude of factors have contributed to Inkaterra’s success and a team of dedicated and passionate staff is one of the most important. We were recently delighted to receive the news that one of our talented guides was named as this year’s Best Guide in Madre de Dios.


The Official Tour Guides Association of Madre de Dios (AGOTUR) recognised Explorer Guide, Javier Huayabán from Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica for his hard work, charisma and performance. This award is the most important recognition for tour guides in the region, which is celebrated by all Inkaterra’s Ecotourism team members.

Javier, was born and raised in Puerto Maldonado, and has led many nature expeditions across the Tambopata National Reserve. It is here that he developed his passion for birding.

Soon Javier will be sharing his professional skills at the Inkaterra Guides Field Station, which will serve as an inspiration for other field guides in the Amazon rainforest.


We recently caught up with Javier, following the fantastic news…

1.     Congratulations on being named Best Guide in Madre de Dios! What does this prestigious achievement mean to you?

I feel very happy about this award, the company has recognised not only my work but also the hard work of my fellow explorer-guides.

2.    Can you tell us more about the nature expeditions you host at the Tambopata National Reserve?

It is gratifying to know that more and more people are interested in discovering  nature and its treasures; one of the most gratifying expeditions is the excursion to Lake Sandoval. It is such a unique and marvellous place,  each time there is something different to observe and we always discover many species of local fauna and flora.

3.    What do you love most about your job?

Interacting with our guests, sharing with them my knowledge and expertise on nature and local customs, and also learning from them too.

4.    How would you describe Inkaterra?

A leader in Eco-Tourism

5.    What is your most memorable sightings?

Three months ago, during an excursion to the lodge´s nearby Wetlands, I had the opportunity to observe a large number of peccaríes eating remains of dead fish. It´s so rewarding and magic to live in the middle of nature.


Once again, congratulations Javier!

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