Celebrating Fiestas Patrias in Peru

The 28th July is a significant date in the Peruvian calendar. Known as Fiestas Patrias, this national holiday marks the anniversary of Peru’s independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821 by José de San Martín.

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Martín was a Spanish-Argentine general and freedom fighter that lead a Liberating Expedition in 1820. After a series of military conflicts across Latin America in the 19th century, the Peruvian Act of Independence was drafted on July 15th 1821, with Martín officially declaring Peru’s independence from Spanish rule on July 28th in the Plaza Mayor.

This proclamation of independence resulted in a national holiday that has continued to be celebrated by the citizens of Peru over 100 years later. As part of these celebrations, people gather in Plazas across Peru in order to partake in the festivities. These are most prominent in the capital, Lima, where the official celebration begins with the sound of 21 cannons and the raising of the Peruvian flag. Following a mass held by the archbishop of Lima, the day features delicious foods and live music, concluding with grand fireworks displays across the country.

The celebrations continue on the following day, and are dedicated to honoring the Armed Forces and National Police of Peru. This day features a grand procession where representatives of these forces partake in the Great Military Parade. This too begins with the raising of the flag and the playing of the National Anthem. The streets are decorated with patriotic colours and the procession begins with the president of Peru, who gives permission for the parade to commence.

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