Butterflies of Inkaterra

Did you know that the blue color in a female Penaincisalia loxurina is less vivid than in the males? And did you know that the upperside of the forewings on a Zerene cesonia feature a yellow “dog’s head” surrounded by blackness? Visit Inkaterra and find out everything about the 108 different species of butterflies that inhabit our gardens. A truly colourful excursion!  Battus madyes, Dryas Julia, Morpho lympharis descimokoenigi, Heraclides paeon or Dione glycera are just a few examples of these families of coloured wings in the grounds of Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. If you are a lover of these flying beauties you will love exploring the amazing diversity of life in our surroundings. Try to find the uncommon Noreppa chromus chromus, unmistakable for its great size and the brilliant blue on the upper side of the hindwing, it’s widely distributed in the montane forest of Mandor up to the peak of Huayna Pichu.