A new addition to the Inkaterra family: The Inkaterra Guides Field Station

We are delighted to announce that there is a new addition to the Inkaterra family, The Inkaterra Guides Field Station, based near the Tambopata National Reserve. Set to open in June this year, the Guides Field Station will welcome visitors who are keen to explore the rainforest, and actively participate in various exciting conservation projects.


The Guides Field Station was originally designed as a research location for our NGO Inkaterra Asociación (ITA). We have opened its doors to welcome eco-conscious travellers, families, researchers, volunteers and students from around the world so that everyone has the opportunity to learn the importance of eco-tourism first hand.


As many of your will know, one of the key aspects of the Inkaterra ethos lies in the education of the next generation of travellers, and our hope is that the Inkaterra Guides Field Station will become a hub of knowledge, research and discovery. We feel it is particularly poignant that our new Inkaterra property is welcoming its first visitors in the year that the UN has declared to be the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”.


The Inkaterra Guides Field Station is a key project for us; not only is it a hub for ITA to continue their invaluable conservation projects, but it is also a conveyor of valuable knowledge,” comments Jose Koechlin, Founder of Inkaterra. “We see it as an opportunity for the public to learn the importance of eco-tourism, educating the next generation of eco-conscious travellers and conservationists”.

Four cabañas and two large “Pavilions” will offer house guests a shared-living set up, whilst in the restaurant long dining tables will enable guests to discuss the day’s activities in a communal setting.


The buffet style menu will feature healthy dishes made from locally sourced ingredients from the Amazon region, and of course, our traditional Pisco Sours will be served at the bar along with the complimentary Chicano during cocktail hour.


Keep an eye out for next week’s blogpost in which we will tell you more about the exciting excursions that will be available at the Inkaterra Guides Field Station.

The Inkaterra Field Station will be open to guests from June 2017 and rates start from $320 for a four-night/five-day itinerary. 

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