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Inkaterra La Casona

Although surrounded by the energetic, vibrant city of Cusco, Inkaterra La Casona provides an enchanting, tranquil retreat. A place of luxury in the form of a colonial Peruvian manor, exuding authenticity and heritage. Step through the intricately carved emerald door, a portal of the past, and experience why Inkaterra La Casona was chosen as one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World.

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This exclusive manor, exquisitely restored by Inkaterra, sits on land that once played home to the elite army of the Incas. It was also home to don Diego de Almagro in the 16th century, the Spanish conquistador who participated in the conquest of Peru. Later, in 1554, the house was the residence to Don Juan Alvarez de Maldonado, the conqueror of the Amazon jungle.


Some pretty well known figures have walked the corridors of this manor, but perhaps none as prestigious as Simon Bolivar, known as ‘El Libertador’ after his part in the liberation of South America from Spain. Those who sleep within the stone walls, beneath the exposed beams, gain a deeper understanding of the city’s cultural heritage, as well as an immersion in both the illustrious history and vibrant present-day culture. Its no wonder that Inkaterra La Casona is now part of National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World.

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After two years of reconstruction and renovation, Inkaterra La Casona opened as a boutique hotel steeped in history of grandeur.  Peruvian architecture and ambience, immerse those who stay in this Spanish Colonial styled manor reflectant of the ancient Inca civilisation; the exclusivity and privacy of the property only encourage complete authenticity and intrigue. Uniquely, the  doors of Inkaterra La Casona are closed to members of the public, offering guests that exclusive,  home-away-from-home feel.

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Inkaterra La Casona offers experiences with the same tranquillity and relaxation once offered to illustrious travellers who visited in years gone by. As empires have fallen and powers have shifted, Inkaterra La Casona has remained a prominent fixture in Cusco.

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Star Light, Star Bright – Astronomy in Peru

The incredible history of the Incan Empire in Peru is of cultural significance to the country and just another reason for you to visit.

Like many ancient civilisations, astronomy played a key role in all aspects of Incan life; from governing ceremonial occasions to agricultural activities. The Planetarium in Cusco offers amazing insights into Peruvian astronomy that will mean you will never look at the sky the same again…

Flickr Image via Nathan Gibbs http://bit.ly/1H0ZRmR

Flickr Image via Nathan Gibbs http://bit.ly/1H0ZRmR

A 10 minute stroll from Inkaterra La Casona - a colonial manor house in the heart of Cusco – the Planetarium is a must visit for travellers yearning to know more about the magical skies of Peru.


Talks on Incan astronomy and interactive workshops will teach visitors how to observe the skies and planetarium experts will explain how the architecture of Peru – particularly Machu Picchu, was intimately connected and aligned with the stars.


The Planetarium gardens boast some of the clearest skies in Peru, ideal for stargazing. Cosy up with a blanket, hot drink and telescope and gaze upon the Black Llama and other fascinating constellations, just as the Incas did thousands of years before you.

Flickr Image courtesy of Feeb http://bit.ly/1DAqwpK

Flickr Image via Feeb http://bit.ly/1DAqwpK

For more information on the Planetarium, please click here.


40@40: Celebrating 40 Years of Inkaterra

2015 marks Inkaterra’s 40th anniversary, and a year of celebration across the properties, and across the world.

To mark this memorable year, Inkaterra will be running some exciting initiatives in 2015, demonstrating the stories, successes and the faces of all those who have helped Inkaterra grow and develop into one of the world’s premier sustainable hotel groups.

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog to hear news of our 40th anniversary celebrations. Throughout the year, we will be asking all our followers and friends to get involved in the commemorations across our social media channels, with the first of our 40@40: Celebrating 40 Years albums being launched at the end of January. These albums, showcased on our Facebook page,  will run throughout the year, revealing some of the best images taken in and around Inkaterra.

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New Romance Package at Inkaterra

With the launch of Inkaterra’s new ‘Romantic Adventure’ Package, there is now no better destination than Peru for intrepid, adventure-seeking couples. Each Inkaterra property hosts its own exclusive experience, where couples can bond over exciting journeys and create lasting memories together. This itinerary is designed for couples seeking a romantic break that takes them above and beyond sunset dinners on the beach.


Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

Activities are plentiful at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica.  Located in the heart of the jungle, visitors can venture from the lodge into the wilderness to witness the giant river otters, side-neck turtles in their natural habitat. In addition, this package also offers various romantic experiences from relaxing in the ENA spa on the riverbanks,  a special Sundowner in the Madre de Dios river and spending the night in a Canopy Tree House gazing at the stars.

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Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica – Canopy Tree House

The second leg of this trip takes couples to the award-winning Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel surrounded by staggering gardens overlooking the spectacular Vilcanota River.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

 Here couples can explore Inkaterra’s tea plantation and indigenous plants. After a day of exploration, they can indulge in a sauna session, in a candle-lit eucalyptus hut or take a twilight stroll to visit an enchanting waterfall. Before the highlight of the trip visiting Machu Picchu at sunrise on a private guided tour of the citadel.

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The view across Machu Picchu

This intimate journey concludes with a two-night stay at Inkaterra La Casona an exquisite 16th century mansion in the centre of ancient Cusco, the capital and spiritual heart of the Incan Empire. Here guests can enjoy the YACU Therapy room after a full day of exploring the ancient city, followed by delicious Peruvian cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant.

Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra La Casona

For more information on the package visit Inkaterra’s website here.

Inkaterra Hotel Locations

Inkaterra Hotel Locations