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Sustainable tourism in the Millennial era

68% of global travellers were likely to choose an accommodation if they knew it was eco-friendly…And among those who didn’t plan on a stay in a sustainable accommodation, 39% said it was because they didn’t know sustainable accommodations exist - Booking.com survey on Sustainable Travel As we become increasingly aware of the long-term effects we have on […]


Inti Raymi – the Festival of the Sun in Peru

Visitors from across South America and around the world travel to Cusco in Peru for the annual Inti Raymi festival, the most important ceremony of the Inca Empire calendar. Each winter solstice, native residents honor the Sun God marking the beginning of a new year: the Festival of the Sun. The 24th of June is the most important day of the festival, when a theatrical […]


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Peru

With Peru’s inclusion on National Geographic’s Cool List for 2017 there is no sign of it dropping from the top of travellers’ bucket lists. It is a place full of adventure, national treasures and culture, which entices over three million excited travellers every year. Whether you’re a seasoned Peru visitor, have a trip planned this […]

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Discover Cusco

Inkaterra La Casona – an intricately restored, XVIth. century colonial Peruvian manor house, the first Relais & Châteaux property in Peru and member of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World – provides a welcome base for explorers venturing out into the vibrant city of Cusco. Those who step through the emerald door of the […]

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Semana Santa

It’s that time of year when the nation comes alive and embraces Semana Santa. Last week, revellers immersed themselves in the religious gathering that leaves no attendee dissatisfied and underwhelmed. This is Peru’s finest religious festival, and visitors from all over the globe flocked to major cities to join the festivities. Those who wish to indulge […]


The Amazon Rainforest – One of the World’s Largest Pharmacies

The Amazon rainforest, acknowledged by many as one of the largest natural pharmacies in the world, is home to an abundance of natural resources and plants, renowned for their medicinal properties. The protection of these natural elements is fundamental to maintaining this incredible hotspot of biodiversity. Here, we will explore some of the fascinating remedies […]

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Peru emerges as a new hot-spot for Wellness Wanderers

The search for wellness is a hot topic in 2015. In the past few years, Peru has been firmly placed on the culinary map thanks to the rise of restaurants such as Ceviche and Coya London bringing Peruvian cuisine into the mainstream. But as our attention turns away from our stomachs to focus on our […]


Switch the View of a Screen to Something Worth Looking At

With modern technology playing a major role in all elements of our daily lives, it is often hard to switch off and take time-out to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Those looking to “unplug” and escape the buzz of the modern world, why not ditch the computer screen, switch off the iPad and become an intrepid […]

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

Escape The World Cup with Inkaterra

Football fever is spreading across the world thanks to a certain tournament, but those seeking tranquility in South America should look no further than Peru: the perfect destination to escape the hype. No doubt Brazil will be the busiest country in South America this summer with heaps of football fanatics heading over to support their […]