Conservation and Sustainability


Spotted: Andean Spectacled Bear

As he tears away branches, perched against fallen trees of the Vilcanota River near Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, the two-metre tall wild Andean Spectacled Bear is unaware of an Inkaterra Explorer-guide, and his three inquisitive accomplices, watching him in awe. Munching on leaves, his feast for the day, the Andean Bear sits camouflaged […]

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Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Tucked amidst a sea of green mountain walls, lined with trees that sway with the wind’s breeze, sits Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba. From a panoramic view, this contemporary hotel with colonial inspiration appears somewhat small in comparison to the majestic mountains that tower over the hacienda. Once you’ve reached the hotel’s entrance, what you initially believed […]


Llamas and Peru

Llamas are synonymous with Peruvian culture and have been at the forefront of the Peruvian way of life for centuries. That’s why we thought we’d share with you just why we love them so much. The llama was one of the only domesticated animals for the Incas and were considered a lifeline for them. They […]


Sustainability, Conservation and the Inkaterra Asociación

As the number of visitors enjoying what Peru has to offer is at an all time high, so is the importance of protecting and preserving iconic landmarks and species. Sustainability, conservation and the Inkaterra Asociación is a relationship that endeavours to preserve and protect these landmarks whilst educating others on the key facts. The Rainforest The […]


La Hora del Planeta – Earth Hour

Following the tragic landslide (huayco) that occurred on Monday in Chosica near Lima, claiming eight lives and leaving many others injured and homeless; targeting climate change has never been more important. On Saturday 28th March, we will be taking part in ‘La Hora del Planeta’ (Earth Hour) across our lodges to both show our support […]


Inkaterra Asociación’s Environmental Workshop

Earlier this month the Inkaterra Asociación lead their latest educational workshop focusing on the environment. The programme has been running for nine years now, lead by a team of professional biologists and Inkaterra guides sharing their extensive knowledge of the surrounding area. The aim of these workshops has always been to help teach the local children how to value […]

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Lima Climate Change Conference #CleanRevolution

The  20th session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, (COP20) was hosted by the Peruvian Government in Lima, from 1st-12st December. The conference was held to help negations towards a global climate agreement. World leaders and guest speakers  came together to define solutions and policies towards improving climate change. Inkaterra’s Founder José Koechlin was invited to speak […]

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The Inkaterra Asociación’s Coastal Clean-up

Inkaterra Asociación (ITA), the nonprofit organisation established by Inkaterra, recently took part in a national cleaning day, helping to clean the Vilcanota River basin and tributaries around Machu Picchu. The “International Coastal Clean-up” campaign has been running in Peru since 1999, and is still going strong due to the successful partnerships between SERNAP (national services for […]

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Publimetro-Reciclatón Recycling Initiative

At the end of last month we took part in the return of the Publimetro-Reciclatón recycling campaign. Reciclatón aims to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle. With this in mind, citizens of Guatemala City and surrounding municipalities are invited to collect as much paper, cardboard and plastic bottles as possible. The amassed material is donated to City Paper […]